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Here at Countryside High Theatre, we take pride in our study of various acting methods and technical skills. Our classes have the freedom to explore different areas of expertise within the theater, and learn by getting hands-on with acting exercises and the technical equipment at our disposal. Want to take it a step further? Consider joining our fantastic Theatre Club! As a member, you'll be updated with news on upcoming events within our area, invited to our club's activities and special events, and also have the opportunity to audition for real on-stage productions and delve deeper into the world of theatre. Whether you're an energized actor, an aspiring director, or a valuable crew member, Countryside High Theatre is a place for everyone.

Ms. Wills

Ms. Jennifer Wills is very excited to be the theatre director at Countryside High School! Ms. Wills has a bachelor’s degree in Drama and a master’s degree in Integrated Arts in Education, both from the University of Montana. She has worked professionally for theatre companies in Montana, Seattle and Cincinnati and previously taught at John Hopkins Middle School and Largo High School. When she's not making magic happen onstage, you’ll find her traipsing around Disney with her handsome husband or volunteering for local animal shelters. Ms. Wills is extremely honored to be the sponsor for Countryside Troupe 900 and thanks her amazing Thespians for their support, hard work, and dedication to the performing arts.
2010 - present
2010 - present


Sebastion Ragosta


My name is Sebastian Ragosta, I'm honored to be the president of troupe 900. As president, I hope to uphold the aims and ideals of the troupe creating a positive, safe environment where everybody can feel welcome, because I love this troupe and want to work with everybody to make it better. Let's have a great year! 


Riley Golden

Vice President

Hello, my name is Riley and I am one of the Vice Presidents. I am so excited for the line of events and opportunities we have coming into the 2023-2024 year. When I was new to Troupe 900, I was welcomed with so much love. My senior year, I want to reciprocate that love to everyone - new and returning members. I can’t wait, I already know this year is going to be a blast! See you soon!!!

Sarah Venable

Vice President

Hi! I’m Sarah Venable, a returning Vice President of Troupe 900. I’m a senior looking forward to my 4th and final year at Countryside High. As VP I organize events like Coffee House, take over the duties of the President when needed, and help out just about everywhere. I love my troupe and everyone in it and am so excited for this new year!


Zay Martin


Hi! I’m Zay if you don’t already know me, and I’m a senior! I’m the secretary this year and my job is to manage board meetings, and help plan a majority of things including theatre club. I look forward to meeting all the new members, and getting to work with our current members again!

Ayden Stencil-Raddatz


Hey! My name is Ayden and I’m in 12th grade this year. This will be my second year as troupe bootcamp, and I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity! I run the inductions process to officially welcome people into our Troupe and the International Thespian Society. I’m really looking forward to a well rounded and communicative troupe this upcoming year and hope to see you as a part of it!


Lauren Morahan

Booster Liaison

Hi! I’m Lauren, I’m a senior as of this year and the board position I’m filling is Booster Liaison. As liaison, I coordinate and communicate between our wonderful adults and the board. I’m so excited for myself and the rest of the board members to make this the best year yet! 

Chloe Hodges


Hello, I’m Chloe, I’m a sophomore and I’m thrilled to be the webmaster for Troupe 900!! It's my job to maintain the website for Countryside High Theatre, and make sure everyone receives accurate and up-to-date information. I cant wait to talk to everyone, and I look forward to helping my fellow board members make lasting and positive change. I can't wait to make this year amazing for everyone!


Jade "JT" Thomas


Hey y’all I’m Jt, I’m going to be a junior this year its gonna be my third year with troupe 900 I will be one of the social media queens also know as Publicist this year, my screen time online is actually ridiculous and I cannot wait to spend part of my screen time on Cside theatres platforms I’m so excited to get our social media up and running with valuable information. AHHGAH  I cannot wait to meet you all :)

Fin Casey


Hey, I'm Fin. I'm one of Troupe 900's publicists. I'm so excited to get to help share what this Troup has to offer by putting our hard work out into the digital and physical world! I'm so proud to be on the board with all these dedicated and talented people! I'll see yall later <3<3


Shelby Wilson

New/ Future Members Coordinator

My name is Shelby Wilson, I’ll be this years New Members Coordinator. I’m excited to be apart of the board and help us expand our theater family to even more people at Countryside.

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